We are back!

After an extended Thanksgiving break, due in large part to Chris and Vinny forgetting to check the microphones on the episodes that were supposed to be posted last week (sigh) we are back! On this week's episode: Vinny and Megan run the show. . .until Chris takes over again.

Time For a Challenge!

Time For a Challenge!

It’s finally time for the “Drink the Kool-Aid”challenge to begin! Find out what Megan, Chris and Vinny will be doing, (and place bet’s on who you think will last.) Highlights includes Chris playing life coach to Vinny and the “life hack*” that got Megan through her college thesis. All and more on this episode of the Afternoon Morning Show

*Megan’s life hack is not endorsed by Everyday Catholic.

Don't Mess With Demons II

There was a story in the news that disturbed the whole AMS crew. Two girls in Florida had planned a massacre, in which they would drink their classmates blood, and consume parts of them. Apparently, the plan was intended to aid them in their quest to go straight to hell.

People, the devil is real. Demons are real. Don’t mess with the demonic. Don’t do it. This and more on this episode of the Afternoon Morning Show.