"Ok, Give Me Your Phone."

One of the most powerful features of any smartphone is a parent's ability to take it away. 

Having a problem with your kids not doing chores? "Ok, give me the phone."  The chores will get done as if by magic.  Having an issue with your young scholar not completing assignments? "Ok, give me the phone" may result in an application of attention you had not thought previously possible.

The only problem is that up until now, taking a kid’s phone away also came with a lot of inconveniences. Phones are, after all, pretty handy for coordinating life. Well, good news, Apple just made it a lot more convenient to "take away" your kid's phone, and you don't even have to physically take it away anymore. 

The new Parental Controls feature on the iPhone gives parents the power to turn off specific apps and app categories. What that means is, rather than taking away your students phone completely, you can now take away the phones ability to do anything other than what you specifically want to allow it to do.  I.e., You can cut off texting, Snapchat, instagram, and all the other "fun" parts of the phone.  

Trust me. You are going to love this. 

But, that is not all. Parental controls also let you set a cutoff time for apps as well. It's a powerful tool you need to check out. 

Parents, you have more power than you think to affect the culture your kid is growing up in. 

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