The Coronation of Mary


Revelation 12:1-6 gives us great insight into the honor Christ has given his mother. A sign appears in the heavens! A woman crowned with twelve stars and adorned with the sun. She stands on the moon, about to give birth to a male child.  A son “who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron.”

In all of human history, no woman has ever been granted so much honor as Mary. It is fitting to see her adorned with a crown. God chose her alone to be His mother. This is not merely a biological relationship. Christ was subject to Mary as a son is subject to his mother. The Lord of all creation made himself subject to the authority of Mary. She truly is Jesus’ mom.

Jesus is the heir to the throne of David. In the Davidic kingdom, the king’s mother held a special place of honor. She was the Gebirah or Queen Mother. She held great esteem, honored not only by her son but by the entire kingdom. In her turn, the queen mother acted as an advocate for the people, bringing petition to her son, but never usurping his authority. We can see an example of this through Bathsheba in the court of her son Solomon (1 Kings 2:19-23). Solomon, the king, honors his mother. He bows to her and has her seated at his right. She makes her request, but ultimately it is the king’s authority that rules. Jesus is the heir to the throne that Solomon sat on. As Bathsheba was Queen Mother to Solomon, in Revelation 12 we see Mary revealed as Queen Mother to Christ.

By better understanding the honor Christ gives his mother we better understand the honor we should give her. Mary is not just another holy woman. She is Gebirah. She is Queen Mother. It is an honor Jesus gives her. It is also a gift he gives us. Mary, as Queen Mother, is an advocate for us. It is a role Christ has given her. Do not be afraid to go to her. Do not be afraid to honor her as Queen Mother. In doing so you glorify Christ by imitating Him and accepting the gift he has given us in Mary.

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