Parenting in the Internet Age

Raising kids in today’s hyper-connected world is hard. We are dealing with things our parents never had to consider. We know that our kids should not be on their devices as much as they are. We know that there are dangers associated with social media, and cyberbullying. We know we should do something, but we need help! Sometimes it can feel like we are all on our own.

Good news! Chris Mueller and Everyday Catholic can help.

In this informative and practical workshop, Chris helps parents develop a philosophy for connectivity that will enable parents and students to integrate technology and social media in a healthy way. That is not all, in addition to helping parent to create a personal game plan, Chris shares some of the practical tools that will make implementing that philosophy possible.

Here is what some people are saying about Parenting in the Internet Age

With love, humor, and deep faith, Chris Mueller presents hard truths about parenting in the internet age. As a fellow parent, he understands the challenges we all face in raising holy, faith-filled children who are free of the negative effects of the internet and social media. Not only did he identify the root causes of the problem, but he provided practical advice for the protection of our children. Chris energized our school parents to build a culture in our homes that is stronger than the culture-at-large, which is destroying our children's faith, purity, and devotion. I highly recommend Chris Mueller.

-- Joseph A. Ciccoianni, Principal, St. Norbert Catholic School, Orange, CA

Every parent should attend this workshop! I left his talk feeling empowered. His insight on this subject was fascinating, and I feel better equipped as a parent to oversee and guide my children in using technology.

-- Cheryl Thomas, Parent