Your Prayer is Effective

Don’t worry. This will be a short post.

Yesterday I wrote about about Ben’s need for a drug called Erwinaze that is in a national shortage. Last night, at midnight, our doctor emailed me to let us know that there was a dose for Ben. I have no doubt that your prayer made the difference. That is not to steal credit from out doctor who had to arm wrestle other doctors for this dose. She is amazing, and we are grateful. But, I credit your prayer for empowering her, for sorting other doctors hearts, for pulling other kids through their desensitizations, so that Ben could get the dose he needs.

The thing is, God is the author of creation. We don’t see the whole story. He does. We don’t see the ways he is moving, but HE IS MOVING. We don’t always see how our prayer is being answered. But the Lord loves it when we go to him, and he desires to show us how he loves us.

Ben gets his Erwinaze next week. Glory!

The Pharmaceutical company is still supposed to be releasing drug into the market soon, so his next we will probably get his next dose too! Praise God!

Thank you for praying with us. Keep it up!