Take Courage; Get Up. He is Calling You. (Mark 10:49)

Somedays it’s hard to get out of bed. I’m not talking about the tired sort of hard to get out of bed. I am talking about the weary, hard to get out of bed. There is a difference. Tired is physical. Weary is more about the soul.

On weary mornings the alarm can’t be loud enough or the coffee strong enough. The shower can’t be hot enough or long enough. On weary mornings you stand in front of the mirror, and all you can see looking back is a mask. Sometimes it’s pain over loss, frustration over things that seem out of your control, failure where you feel like you should have been better or any number of other things. On weary mornings it is hard to hear God say, “you are my beloved” and all too easy to hear the devil’s whispers of “you will never be enough.”